Dr Bach’s Crisis Formula 应急花精

The five remedies were specifically chosen by Dr. Bach as an emergency composite because combined they form an
appropriate all-round traditional crisis remedy.

The five remedies which are combined together to form the crisis remedy are:

Star Of Bethlehem– for shock and loss

Rock Rose– for great fear and panic

Impatiens– for mental and physical tension when the sufferer cannot relax; the mind agitated and irritable

Cherry Plum– to help the mind stay rational and in control

Clematis– used to combat the faint, far-away, disconnected feelings that can come during an emergency.

Crisis formula can be a life-saver and for any minor traumatic situations, such as, stress, emergencies, after getting bad news, before an exam or job interview. The Remedies quickly get us back in our normal balance so that we calmly can deal with any situation.

This combination has proved fantastically successful and has helped millions of people around the world.

Some people, however, rely too much on the emergency combination. They would find surer and long-lasting solutions if they selected mixes of single remedies and made up personal treatment bottles. 


Every remedy manufacturer has its version of this combination, and some produce it in spray and pastille form, or in alcohol-free formulations. In an emergency the ‘rescue’ formula is likely to be near to hand, so that you can respond at once.

The saying to bear in mind is, if you need rescuing every day, treat the underlying cause instead.

In the market, Dr Bach’s ‘rescue’ combination is well known as ‘5 flower’ and ‘Rescue Remedy’.



To take the remedy, put 4 drops in a glass of water and sip until relief is obtained.

The remedy could be applied on the lips, behind the ears/ or wrists if the person is unconscious.

Crisis formula is also available in cream version for easy topical application.

For more information on Dr. Bach crisis formula, please read the Bach Centre’s page here.

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》圣星百合 – 应付惊吓与感情等方面的创伤
》岩蔷薇 – 镇定恐怖惊骇与巨大的恐惧
》铁线莲 – 情绪上的稳定、保持清醒;克服头脑的失神
》凤仙花 – 镇定激动不安
》樱桃李 – 帮助保持理智 



每一家调精师都拥有他们独特的花精组合,一些人生产后装置喷雾器,有些制成粉状,或不含酒精配方等。 在紧急需要时, 我们可以马上运用急救配方来处理危机。

请记住:如果您每天都需要使用 “急救花精”的话,那也许您需要更有效地处理隐藏在背后的深层问题。

在市面上,Bach医生的“急救”组合已被广泛认识为‘5 flower’ 与 ‘Rescue Remedy。