Personal Consultation

Consultation with a Bach Foundation registered Practitioner (BFRP) will ensure that the treatment process follow the Bach system recommended by Dr. Edward Bach. The purpose of the consultation session is to provide an opportunity for the client to discuss the areas that they want to address in a supportive, non-judgmental and safe environment. During the session, BFRP will identify the emotional states which may have become out of balance.

After the discussion, a mixing bottle, which the client has agreed on the remedies, will be mixed.

What is a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner? 

Contact us to book a consultation if you wish to have an personal or email/phone consultation with a BFRP.

House call is available upon request. The exact cost will be advised at the time of your request and the charge will be payable in advance.

Research studies on Bach Flower Remedies

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Taking the remedies
Taking the remedies is simple. For more deep-rooted problems, you can mix a mixing bottle (not more than seven remedies in a bottle). Take four drops from the mixing bottle (onto the tongue or in water) at least four times daily. This is the minimum dosage, but if necessary, such as when the mood is acute, the frequency can be increased.

For passing moods and problems, simply put two drops of each selected remedy in a glass of water (4 drops for Rescue Remedy). Sip as often as required until the mood has passed.

Avoid the dropper coming into contact with the tongue. Store in a refrigerator if possible.

The remedy may work immediately or may require many months of continual use for deep-rooted emotions.


*prices are subject to change without prior notice.