Prerequisites: Level 1

Trainer: Mr Ong Hong Seng or Ms Deki Soh, BFRP & BFRAP

25th run: 13-14 April 2019 (Sat & Sun)

Time: 9.30am-6pm

Course fee: S$730

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Bach Foundation-approved Level 2 courses aim to encourage reflection on that personal experience and refine remedy knowledge. Level 2 gives you the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of Dr. Edward Bach’s 38 remedies and of his philosophy of health. Topics covered include type and mood remedies and subtle differences between remedy pairs. Focus on practical skills, the course emphasizes on developing self-awareness and increasing philosophical knowledge of the system.

Level 2 is required training for people who want to attend a practitioner training course (Level 3).

The aim of the course: 

  • Build on existing theoretical knowledge and make it personal
  • Allow students space and time to explore more deeply Dr. Bach’s philosophy
  • Provide a forum in which students can exchange personal experiences and learn from each other
  • Consolidate existing knowledge of the remedies, in particular as regards type and mood remedies and subtle differences between similar remedies
  • Provide opportunities for personal practical use of the remedies
  • Provide all the prerequisites in terms of remedy knowledge needed for practitioner training (Level 3


Learning objectives:

After attending a course where these aims have been met you could reasonably expect to:

  • Describe ways in which using the remedies could affect their own lives
  • Explain the difference between type and mood remedies and the philosophical basis and historical development of the type remedy concept
  • Make comparisons between similar remedies and recognize the subtle differences between them
  • Describe the fundamentals of Dr. Bach’s philosophy an relate these fundamentals to your own beliefs and practices
  • Select appropriate remedies for yourself and your friends and relations


You will receive:

  • Level 2 Certificates issued by the Bach Centre
  • A personal mixing bottle of up to 7 remedies of your choice
  • Handouts, course materials, and exercises
*This course is open to anyone with a valid certificate for a Bach Foundation-approved Level 1 course.


Course feedback for participants:

The teacher is experienced enough to teach and capable to provide answers to our questions.”

“The support was tremendous. Deki was very dedicated to ensuring successful learning outcomes for her students.  She tried her very best to answer any questions and showed immense mastery of the knowledge behind Bach flower remedies.  She has well thought through responses to any questions I had. Despite reviewing each remedy, we learned how to tell the finest difference of the remedies, I can also look further and knowing the words between the lines which is crucial to select remedies for the person!”

“I love Deki because she used many different ways to make sure we understand the difference between each remedy and kindly leading us to hear the inner voice of everyone! We went through a warm, touchy, supportive, boundary and joyful class! Also, she tells us what is the right attitude to listening and healing! Although the type remedies and emotional remedies are hard to understand! But she did a good job to let us tell the finest difference in between them! Many thanks!”

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