Courses 巴哈课程

Understand yourself, take charge of your life; follow your inner guide and find your life purpose.


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Level 1- Introductory Course Level 2- Advanced Workshop Level 3-Practitioner Training
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Dr. Bach believed that everyone is a healer. He wanted us to have the power to heal others and ourselves.


By attending the courses, one is able to help themselves and their loved one effectively and increase personal knowledge of Dr. Bach’s philosophy to enrich one’s life.

If you are new to the remedies, Level 1 course provides a solid foundation in the system. For experienced users, Level 1 allows you to take an in-depth look at the remedies and explore their use in everyday life. Level 2 gives students the opportunity to acquire a deeper understanding of the remedies. For people who wish to use the remedies professionally or incorporate them into an existing wellness practice, Level 3 teaches you to use the remedies in professional practice.

For the first time in Singapore, we are honored to invite Igor Pietkiewicz and Lynn macwhinnie to conduct Bach Centre approved Level 2 and Level 3 respectively in 2013!

Igor Pietkiewicz, PhD is a Psychotherapist, academic teacher, Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner & Trainer. Since 1997 Dr. Pietkiewicz has been offering courses in the art of using Bach Flower Remedies.

Lynn Macwhinnie MSc., FBACP., FAC., Leading International Bach Training Consultant and Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, have been training trainers and practitioners internationally for nearly 2 decades. An early consultant on the design and development of the Bach International Educational Programme, Lynn, one of the most experienced Bach trainers in the world, has a wealth of teaching and training experience with groups ranging from a handful up to many hundreds.