Bach Flower Remedies

Essences for the emotions

Bach flower Remedies is a well-respected system of healing that has been used in 60 over countries since it was established in 1936. Bach Flower Remedies are natural, simple to use and they are not habit forming. Everyone can use the remedies and the remedies are selected based on emotions and not on physical complaints.

The Bach Flower Remedies work effectively on:
~ acute emergency situations
~ passing emotional moods
~ deep- rooted emotions
~ personality traits

In use since the 1930s, Bach Flower Remedies are made according to the exact traditions of Dr. Edward Bach and are known throughout the world as a safe and effective form of complementary therapy.

Dr. Bach strongly believed in ‘Treating the person, not the disease’ and ‘diseases are the result of conflict between body, mind and spirit’, hence emotional states are used as the key to unlock the body’s natural health.

There are 38 basic remedies in the system. 37 of them are made from flower or plant and one of them is especially prepared spring water. Each remedy is devised to treat a different feeling.


How do Bach Flower Remedies work?
Bach Flower Remedies work by encouraging the corresponding positive quality that lies dormant in us, without suppressing negative state, for example intolerance into understanding towards others or despair into positive faith and hope.

 Each of the 38 remedies is for certain emotional state and they are selected in accordance with the person’s mood and personality. Hence, instead of looking at the symptoms, we look at the emotional outlook of the person.  The remedies gently restore the balance between mind and body by casting out those emotions such as stress, hopelessness, hatred and uncertainty which interfere with the equilibrium of the being as a whole. Thus, by dispelling negativity, the action of the remedies allows peace, happiness and clarity to return to the sufferer, so that the body is free to heal itself (quoted from ‘The story of Mount Vernon by Judy Howard). 

Making of the remedies
There are 2 ways of making the mother tincture; Sun and Boiling methods.

In the first, flowers are floated in a bowl of water and left in full sunlight. The Warmth of the sun imprints the healing quality of the flower to the water. As for the boiling method, flowering twigs are boiled to transfer their healing quality to the water. The energized water is then mixed with alcohol so as to preserve the energy and made into stock bottles. Having understood how the mother tinctures are prepared, all Dr. Bach’s remedy plants are non-poisonous as they do not contain any substance which would be capable of producing any adverse reaction.

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Is it safe to take the remedies?

The active ingredient in a flower remedy is an energy from the plant, not a physical substance, so it will not interfere with the physical action of the other medicine. Nor will the other medicine stop the Bach remedy from working; hence they are completely safe and harmless.

Who can take Bach Flower Remedies?
Bach flower remedies are natural and can be taken by anyone; including babies, children, animals and even plants!
How do I take the remedies?
Taking the remedies is simple. For more deep-rooted problems, you can make up a mixing bottle (not more than seven remedies in a bottle). A 30ml mixing bottle will last up to three weeks. Take four drops from the mixing bottle (onto the tongue or in water) at least four times daily. This is the minimum dosage, but if necessary, such as when the mood is acute, the frequency can be increased.

For passing moods and problems, simply put two drops of each selected remedy in a glass of water (4 drops for Crisis Remedy). Sip as often as required until the mood has passed.

Avoid the dropper coming into contact with the tongue. Store in a refrigerator if possible.

The remedy may work immediately or may require many months of continual use for deep-rooted emotions.


How do I start using Bach Flower Remedies?

Simplicity and self-help are the keys to the Bach system.

Bach system is an easy to use, simple to understand healing system that makes it possible for everyone to use it. However, if you need some help to get started or an outside opinion, you can always consult a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner (BFRP).

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