Go slow to go far

“Why is the Bach System slower than some other healing methods?”  Someone asked some time back.

As a Bach practitioner, we do not use any techniques which might allows us to go straight into the heart of the problem, and to fix it. What we are doing is to put you back in touch with yourself with the help of the remedies. With the reconnection to who you actually are, you are able to take charge of your life and live the way of health and happiness.

It is a very slow process as we do not fix people or change the way they do thing. What we actually do is to give you the tools and step back and allow you to explore and do it yourself. We give you the time you need to learn as much as you can from the obstacles you are facing, from where you are so as to allow you to find out more about yourself. That’s why we always believe treatment should go at the client’s pace, not the practitioner’s.

Using the method of ‘Peeling an onion’, though some Bach Practitioners might have insights into the core of the problem, we stick to the outside and select the remedies according to the your feelings right now. Layer by layer, you work through your emotions and gradually you will be aware of how you have changed from one stage to another stage as the process goes further down, and in the end we will still reach to the essential problem. In this way, no only we are allowing you to take part in your own healing process, you are given time to learn from your obstacles and reconnect back to your heart.

Once you have reached the essential problem, all the experiences you have gone through and all the time spent really make sense to you rather than telling you straight at the beginning which take away all the power from you and keep it in the hand of the therapist. 🙂

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