Are you a healer?

Are you a healer? I think most of us want to be a healer, one way or another.

Dr Edward Bach believes that everyone is a healer and everyone actually has a guide so that everyone can be healed almost by themselves. Amazing isn’t? Some might think: “I can heal myself, how could that be, you must be kidding me?”

We all have a part of ourselves- the soul, the guide, the inner voice, the higher self (how you want to name it), the essential you that actually know which path you should be on, and all you need to do is to learn to listen.

The higher self will guide us if we only listen to every circumstance, every difficulty and every emotion- listen to the small voice that knows the path to our life that is right for our lives.

Bach remedies could actually breakthrough the barriers that are stopping you hearing to the small voice- whether it is the circumstances surrounding you, or the people around you, or the way that you are living your life or your own beliefs and attitudes. That’s when the remedies come in to help you to move on.

Using the remedies to reconnect back to who you actually are and listen to your inner voice so you can be a healer taking part in healing yourself.

Nice, isn’t it? I simply love this simple and straightforward system. I hope you will experience the same. 🙂

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