Can’t make up your mind?

Do you have such a day that you are wasting valuable time simply because you cannot make up your mind on simple things like –should I wear White or Black? – Dress or Jeans? – Tie or Bow Tie? If you are troubled by indecisiveness, the SCLERANTHUS remedy can help us to bring the vacillating mind to balance and arrive at decisions resolutely.

Scleranthus people have identified positive options but are unable to choose between them. They tend to keep the options to themselves and don’t usually ask for advice. Scleranthus remedy helps to bring our thoughts into focus so that we can see the options more clearly and make decisions with confidence.

But what if you are capable of making decisions yet you distrust your own judgment? Even if you have made a decision, doubts may still linger on, making it difficult to commit wholly to your choice. CERATO remedy helps us to trust ourselves and stand by the decision we know is right without being swayed.

Cerato people constantly ask others for advice, leaving them confused and unsure of what to think. Cerato can help us to believe in ourselves, and trust our intuition so that we can proceed with certainty in our lives.

Last but not least, take WILD OAT remedy if you want to find your aim/direction in life. The Wild Oat remedy helps to realize where our true path lies, and we will be happier walking this path, and have a stronger sense of fulfillment in each day.



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