FREE Practical 3 in 1 Transformation Workshop

Date: 25 June 2011-06-15
Time: 1:30pm to 6:00pm
Venue: Holistic Lifestyle Centre
Blk 106 Aljunied Crescent

Course Syllabus:
Deki Soh (B.F.R.P)
– How to use medicine for our emotions and to achieve inner balance
– Introduction to Bach Flower Remedies principles and how to use them in our daily lives
– How to use the 38 remedies to help self discovery, self awareness eventually leading to self healing

Gayook Wong
– Practical Qigong Session
– Qigong Techniques to achieve anti-aging and prevention of diseases
– How to use Qigong together with spirituality to have a soul connection

Vincent Tan
– How to live happier and sexily using food science
– Life fun food demonstration on how to prepare tasty food
– Using food science to increase your energy level, mental concentration and look and feel better

About Gaia Life International Pte Ltd:
We provide high value holistic and wellness consultation sessions, conferences, seminars and workshops for Self Empowerment, Metaphysics and Healing Art and Nutritional Science. We aim to empower those who want to make a difference in their lives. We will help you awaken and unleash your hidden potential, fortune and future fate. Our sessions and workshops involve heavy interaction; experiential sessions and we also touch on theories on the subject of healing and spirituality sciences. You will have inner transformation and be awaken to your inner potential and achieve inner life balance and create your own life miracles.

Who should sign up?
1. Those who are interested to be empowered to live a better quality life
2. Anyone interested to know about future science and art of healthy living
3. Anyone who wants to be empowered to master their lives and achieve longevity
4. Those who wants to feel the difference and be connected to their inner potential

For registration, you may call 6749 8509 or email

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