Level 2 in Jakarta!

8 students had completed their level 2 in Jakarta 2 weeks ago.

This was the third Level 2 that took place this year and the fourth one will be coming in Sept. The Sept class is full and if you are keen to attend level 2, we are exploring the option to have another one soon. Write in to let us know!

Feedback from a student from the class: 
I want to share what I just learnt last night. Before sleep, my son started worrying about school. He told me that he is scared and worried, and kept repetitively saying those words. Usually, before taking level 2, I would give him Mimulus, Aspen or White Chestnut because of the “displayed” symptoms. Then I thought that it required more time to have the remedy works. But last night, I started to sense that I’ve been “manipulated”. He kept waking me up and asked me to hug him. I was so sleepy that I might like ignoring his whining then my “A-Ha!” moment came after he said that “mommy you don’t love me, why you refuse to hug me”. This is not Mimulus, White Chestnut, or even Star of Bethlehem. This is Chicory!!! Right after I gave him Chicory and he stops talking and went to sleep. This morning he seems more cheerful compared to yesterday and for the 1st time since the past 2 weeks, he stops throwing up before school. Deki is an amazing teacher, thanks a lot, Deki! 

It is true that the problem is not always obvious and level 2 helps us to be in a better position to identify it. 

Some of the photos from Level 2:

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