If we will only listen …


If we will only listen … but listening is not always easy. Our personalities- our thought-riddled separated egos- become more insistent and persuasive as they get more out of balance. We can always find reasons for going against the soul’s quiet hints. We are practised at dressing up our second thoughts as spontaneity, our rationalisations as common sense. By relaxing into who we are, by trying to see the world with fresh eyes and by the use of simple meditation techniques, Bach says, we can again begin to hear the small voice of wisdom that can help guide us through life. Or we can use the essences, for they too are there to help. When we can’t hear the voice of intuition clearly, when our personalities are too far away from our souls to hear and too full of themselves to listen, that is the time to turn aside and take the flower we need.”
– Bloom (Chapter 6 – towards intuition), by Stefan Ball

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