Bach Flower Remedies for Children

The Relation of Bach System to Children

Growing up is full of challenges for children, and it could be extreme difficult for both the parents and children to manage the changes. Bach Flower Remedies provide a meaningful and natural way of helping both you and your child to cope by building up awareness while working through emotions, personalities and temperament.

Sometimes parents wonder how the remedies can be given to their children as they are not able to express themselves well. In Bach system, we treat the child as a whole- the mood, personality or trait of a child is always obvious, displayed through their behavior.

Children respond very quickly to Bach flower remedies as they do not have emotional baggage like we adults have. When selecting remedies for your children, the child’s individual temperament and personality must be taken into account- hence, Dr. Edward Bach concluded that the mind, emotions and therefore the person should be treated, not only the disease.

When looking at the remedies, there are some that describe personalities or character traits, and others that are more for general mood and emotions.

Some remedies commonly used for children:

Clematis– Known as the remedy for daydreamers who are so absorbed in their own imaginations and fantasies that they are having difficulty with attention span.

Impatiens- The remedy for children who are impatient, easily irritated and restless, for them to release their inner tension.

Cherry Plum– This remedy is to help children who are affected by uncontrolled extreme emotion or uncontrollable tantrums. Cherry Plum restores calmness to the mind and develops more self-control.

Aspen– For anxiety and nervousness of things unknown that causes apprehension and anxious anticipation. Aspen gives them courage to move forward and explore the unknown with confidence.

Chicory– For children who cling to parents or try to attract attention or affection by making a fuss.

Chestnut Bud– Usually recommended for children who make the same mistakes over and over again. Chestnut Bud is good for slow learners to clear the learning blockage.

Scleranthus– The remedy to balance mood swings, erratic behaviors and any form of imbalance. Also for hesitancy and lack of ability.


Rescue Remedy

Rescue Remedy is the only combination remedy designed by Dr. Bach and contains Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem and Rock Rose. Rescue Remedy is designed for use in emergency situations, to restore inner balance so that we can calmly deal with our daily stresses or challenges in a better frame of mind. Rescue Remedy may help a child who is feeling stressed, anxious or nervous.

Some suggested remedies for children with certain behaviors:

For obsessive behavior:
Crab Apple
– For sense of uncleanliness. (To establish self-acceptance
Chestnut Bud– Failure to learn from mistakes. (To appreciate and learn from each experience)
Chicory– Possessiveness and manipulative. (To have greater love for others)
Heather – Chatterboxes who are obsessed with talking about themselves. (Learn to listen with empathy)

Jealousy and Rivalry:
Holly– For anger out of jealousy (Greater understanding and at peace with others)
Chicory– For demanding and possessive behavior (For selfless care and concern for others)
– For intolerance. (More tolerant and understanding towards others)
Walnut– To adjust to the changes and to protect against the adverse effects of over-sensitivity to atmosphere and influence.

For sleeping issues:
Aspen – For unknown fears or anxiety. (To trust in the unknown and find inner peace)
Mimulus – For known fear and anxiety. (To face the fear with bravery and courage)
White Chestnut – Obsessive and persistent worrying thoughts. (For peace of mind)
Vervain – Over-activity, eagerness or enthusiasm that causes restlessness. (Re-establishes calmness and tolerant with ability to relax)

For focus:
Clematis– Dreamers, lack of concentration. (A lively interest in all things)
Cerato – Doubt own ability and judgment. (To trust own opinions and stick to a decision)
Elm – For feeling over-whelmed. (Rekindle faith to handle pressure with strength and confidence)
Gentian – For discouragement. (To regain courage and not to be affected by setbacks)
Impatiens – For impatience and restlessness. (More patient and less hasty in action and thought)
Larch – Lack of confidence (To develop self-confidence)
Scleranthus – Uncertainty and indecision (For calmness and determination. Make quick decisions)

Taking care of children everyday addressing their needs and problems can be demanding and tiring for parents. For some, it could be a test of their limits and beliefs too. Parents can try taking remedies to bring about an equilibrium within themselves for a better relationship with their children.

Remedies for parents:
Cherry Plum
– Fear of mind giving way. (To restore calm, quiet courage)
Centaury– Weak-willed, doesn’t argue or stand up for self. (Serves wisely and support own opinions)
–Irritable, impatient and nervous. (More patient and tolerant towards others)
White Chestnut
– Repetitive worrying thoughts. (At peace with self and others)
Red Chestnut
– For anxiety over your child’s well being. (To restore our sense of proportion)
Olive– For mental and physical tiredness. (To restore strenght and vitality)
Oak– Overworks but struggles on (for strenght, reliability and endurance)
– Intolerance and critical. Annoyed at shortcomings of others. (More tolerant and understanding towards others)



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