Making of White Chestnut by sun method

It was a sunny day at the Bach Centre and, Peter, the remedy marker is making the White Chestnut mother tincture using the sun method. White Chestnut is the remedy for persistent worrying thoughts and mental arguments. The remedy helps us think straight. We can deal calmly and rationally with any underlying problems that might be causing the trouble.

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Peter, the remedy marker











How remedies are made

Two methods are used to make remedies. Most of the more delicate flowers are prepared using the sun method. This involves floating the flower heads in pure water for three hours, in direct sunlight.

Woodier plants, and those that bloom when the sun is weak, are generally prepared by the boiling method – i.e. boiling the flowering parts of the plant for half an hour in pure water.

In both cases once heat has transferred the energy in the flowers to the water, the energised water is mixed with an equal quantity of brandy. This mix is the mother tincture.

Mother tincture is further diluted into brandy (at a ratio of two drops of mother tincture to 30 ml of brandy) to make the stock bottles that you see in the shops.

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