Are you in FEAR?

Fear is an emotional reaction to danger, our body’s way to protect us, and keep us safe. However, being overly fearful could incapacitate us from working through the situation. Working through our fear not only helps us in keeping our fears within control, but we learn and develop positive qualities to handle situations with faith, courage, compassion and resilience, and of course, to listen to our inner voice on when to move and act.


“There are five types of fear, and therefore there are five remedies, one for each type.” – Dr. Edward Bach.

In Dr. Bach’s book on the remedies, The Twelve Healers and other Remedies, he organized all the 38 remedies under the seven headings. The first category was ‘For those who have Fear’ and he place five remedies in this group.

The five remedies for five different kinds of fear are:

Mimulus: for those who suffer from shyness and of other known things that we can put a name on; regardless of whether the fear is rational or not. Minulus gives us quiet courage to work through our anxieties.

Rock Rose: is the remedy for absolute terror, panic or extreme fright that leaves us feeling helpless; unable to think coherently and to act at all. Rock Rose gives us the courage to act and to do things for the benefit of others.

Aspen: Helps when fears come upon us for no known reason that cause apprehension and anxious anticipation. Aspen gives us the courage to move forward and explore the unknown with confidence.

Cherry Plum: for those fear of losing control of their thoughts and actions and dread of doing some frightful things. This remedy brings about a more rational state of mind and express emotions in an appropriate manner.

Red Chestnut: for those who are excessively anxious for the safety and well-being of others, especially those they care about. Red Chestnut helps us to restore our sense of proportion and to remain calm, mentally and physically, in any emergency.

Let’s play a game! Try matching the following images to the type of fear. Have Fun~ 🙂









Btw, words are slippery, different people use different words for the same feeling. You might want to read up on the rest of the remedies to select the suitable one that best describe how you really feel now.

For example: CERATO (classified under the heading ‘Uncertainty’) if you keep worrying about making the wrong decision… WHITE CHESTNUT (classified under the heading ‘Not Sufficient Interest in Present Circumstances’) if your mind keeps going around unwanted, persistent, worrying thoughts.

Guide to the remedies

Dr. Edward Bach’s descriptions of the remedies


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