Validation Day Course conducted!

A Validation day course has been conducted on 20 Aug for Mr. Ong Hong Seng’s students to get their level 1 certificates.

So what is a Validation day course? Some practitioners are training to be level 1 Teachers via the Level 1 Bach Foundation Teachers Programme (BFTP1)- teach their own Introductory courses outside the system of Bach Centre-approved courses.

Students on these courses are not able to enrol on a level 2 course as they do not have level […]

Level 1 in Jakarta: 5-6 Dec 2015

To register, please call Brigitta at 0812 9452 7795 or Fleeta at 0855 8055 596

Course update- Level 1 Introductory Course (date changed to 6-7 Dec)

“We are all healers. Everyone can use the remedies. Everyone can heal and in the process understand who they are and take charge of their own destinies.”~ Dr Bach’s central message

Dr. Bach believed that everyone is a healer and by learning the system everyone can be a healer taking part in healing themselves and others.

Are you ready to be your own healer to help yourself, your family and loved one?

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Here we are with 15 future practitioners from 6 different countries!

It has been an intense yet fun week for Inner Voice working through the final preparation and actual running of the first even Level 3 in South East Asia.

Lynn Macwhinnie, the trainer from UK has taught us to be a responsible practitioner- responsible for ourselves by taking care/ and be aware of our needs, and to be responsible to our clients by allowing them to grow and heal at their own pace. It’s is never about setting out to prove ourselves […]

Level 1 in Indonesia- News from the Bach Centre

Our first Level 1 course in Jakarta was featured in the Bach Centre’s website.

The course was conducted at Treeangelo with 19 participants- a nice and cozy place with delicious Indonesian food. The room was laid with synthetic grass carpet that looks like real one and when the morning Sun Shining in, it really felt like having an indoor class outdoors.

Click here to view the report from the Bach Centre

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Upcoming Course: First time in Jakarta!

We are excited to announce our very first Introductory Course in Bach Remedies (Level 1) in Jakarta! This 2-day course begins 26 Oct 2013 at True Nature Holistic Healing. Visit or contact Suha at if you are interested in this course.


Congratulations on getting your Level 1 Certificate in Bach remedies!

Last Sunday we reached a key milestone in the learning of Bach Remedies for both my students and myself. A Validation course was conducted for some of my students that have completed a 2-day introductory course to achieve their level 1 certification, and it was my first workshop as a Bach Foundation Teacher.

We had so much fun discussing and working on the remedies. It was truly a good refresher on the remedies and their knowledge is visibly deepened.

Some of the […]

Terms & Conditions for Bach Courses

These terms and conditions apply to all participants on all Bach courses with Inner Voice LLP.

Terms & Conditions for all Bach Courses

Attendance and courses

Registration is not transferable to another individual. A participant is required to attend the full duration of the course and Inner Voice LLP reserves the rights to refuse participant from attending the class after 1 hour from the start of class unless on extenuating circumstances that are at the discretion of Inner Voice LLP. If […]

Upcoming course: Bach Level 1 Validation Course

Upcoming course: Bach Level 1 Validation Course will be held on 3 March 13 ( Sunday).

level 1 validation course is to ensure that all students taught by BFRPs have the solid grounding needed to go onto a level 2 course, and to allow the Bach Centre to issue level 1 certificates to these students.

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1st 2-day Bach Introductory Course in 2013

Another beautiful course with keen participants! Bach Level 1 courses provide a solid grounding in the system. This level 1 course also serves as a foundation for Level 2 (Advance course) and Level 3 (Practitioner course).

The aim of this course is to provide a solid foundation for all those wishing to learn about Dr Bach’s remedies. It is primarily designed for people who need to understand the basics in order to use the remedies for themselves, their friends and […]