Do you have a possessive mum?

Jay’s mother always thinks she know what’s best for him- She will decide for Jay what courses to take and what to wear to school, and if Jay refuses to follow her suggestions, she will make Jay feels guilty for not appreciating her good will. Jay was upset for making his mother cried yet his apologies will only encourage his mother to control his life even more. Gradually, Jay finds it harder and harder to say no to her…

Chicory will be […]


From Bach Centre’s e-newsletter- Aug 2013

“Those who are very mindful of the needs of others, they tend to be over-full of care for children; relatives, friends, always finding something that should be put right. They are continually correcting what they consider wrong, and enjoy doing so. They desire that those for whom they care should be near them.”

– Edward Bach, The Twelve Healers & Other Remedies, 1936



Chicory is often associated with very negative characteristics. “Possessiveness” and […]

Dr Bach in Chinese 新加坡第一位巴哈花精老师


Deki Soh is mentioned on Bach Center website with regards to her coming completion of her teacher course for Level 1 BFRs.

Congratulations! And I’m really looking forward to your completion. All the BEST. :)~ Metta Ong


Which are the type remedies?


In his earliest writings on flower remedies Dr Bach theorised that there were a set number of fundamental types of people. The actual number varied, but from 1932 to 1935 he mainly referred to the first twelve remedies – the twelve healers – as the “primary types of personalities”, and associated each with particular failings and qualities.

During this same period, however, he found other remedies that had type-like characteristics. In 1933, for example, he found remedies for “types of […]

Are you in FEAR?

Fear is an emotional reaction to danger, our body’s way to protect us, and keep us safe. However, being overly fearful could incapacitate us from working through the situation. Working through our fear not only helps us in keeping our fears within control, but we learn and develop positive qualities to handle situations with faith, courage, compassion and resilience, and of course, to listen to our inner voice on when to move and act.


“There are five types of fear, and […]

Go slow to go far

“Why is the Bach System slower than some other healing methods?” Someone asked some time back.

As a Bach practitioner, we do not use any techniques which might allows us to go straight into the heart of the problem, and to fix it. What we are doing is to put you back in touch with yourself with the help of the remedies. With the reconnection to who you actually are, you are able to take charge of your life and live the […]

What is a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner?

Practitioners on the Bach Centre’s Bach Foundation International Register of Practitioners have followed an approved programme of education and assessment to ensure they are competent to use the remedies in professional practice.

BFRPs work under the Bach Foundation Code of Practice, which sets out the standards expected of professional practitioners and provides a safe framework for practitioners and clients. A BFRP also aims to uphold the purity, simplicity, originality and integrity of the system in all they do and say, and […]

Are you a healer?

Are you a healer? I think most of us want to be a healer, one way or another.

Dr Edward Bach believes that everyone is a healer and everyone actually has a guide so that everyone can be healed almost by themselves. Amazing isn’t? Some might think: “I can heal myself, how could that be, you must be kidding me?”

We all have a part of ourselves- the soul, the guide, the inner voice, the higher self (how you want to name […]

Judy on Holly and other remedies for anger

Anger is an emotions but might have several different causes. some anger can be due to Hatred, irritation, temper, jealousy, resentment and even with self!

Let’s see this video by Judy Ramsell Howard of the Bach Centre to understand different types of anger and the remedies to help. Judy on Holly and other remedies for anger

Can’t make up your mind?

Do you have such a day that you are wasting valuable time simply because you cannot make up your mind on simple things like –should I wear White or Black? – Dress or Jeans? – Tie or Bow Tie? If you are troubled by indecisiveness, the SCLERANTHUS remedy can help us to bring the vacillating mind to balance and arrive at decisions resolutely.

Scleranthus people have identified positive options but are unable to choose between them. They tend to keep the options […]