Are the remedies safe for pregnant women, babies and pets?

Are the remedies preserved in alcohol suitable for pregnant women, babies, children and pets?

Traditionally stock remedies were make up in a ratio of two drops of mother tinctures into 30 ml of 40 per cent proof brandy. It was switched in the 1990s to a 27 per cent proof brandy. The mother tincture itself is 20 per cent proof, but there is so little of it in each bottle of stock remedy that basically the liquid in the average stock […]

Mixing bottle/ 使用日常服用花精瓶

Mixing bottles are the most economical way of taking the remedies, and also the most convenient if you are treating deep-rooted/long-standing issues. To make a mixing bottle:

1. Add 2 drops of each selected remedy to a clean 30ml dropper bottle.

2. Top up the bottle with still mineral water/ spring water.

3. Take minimum 4 times a day, 4 drops each time from the bottle. Taking the first dose first thing in the morning, the […]

Moody no More with Bach Remedies!

How do you help yourself when you are moody? Let’s hear from Reza Gunawan and Dewi Lestari on helping oneself with Bach flower remedies. This Bahasa (Indonesian) talk was conducted in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Making of White Chestnut by sun method

It was a sunny day at the Bach Centre and, Peter, the remedy marker is making the White Chestnut mother tincture using the sun method. White Chestnut is the remedy for persistent worrying thoughts and mental arguments. The remedy helps us think straight. We can deal calmly and rationally with any underlying problems that might be causing the trouble.

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Peter, the remedy marker











How remedies […]

Bach flowers found in Singapore!

Guess how many Bach flowers do we have in the Garden by the Bay? We are going to introduce them one by one.


The Vine people are efficient, strong-willed and ambitious. The remedy will be needed if such person should become demanding and expect obedience. The positive aspect of the Vine attributes in a person, is one who uses his great qualities to guide others without the need to dominate. The Vine person is often charismatic.

Vine remedy is prepared […]


巴哈花精疗法是由英国的爱德华巴哈医生(英国医师及著名的病理学家、免疫学專家、细菌学家)于1928 年至1936年研发。巴哈花精采用天然的花草与心灵探索的过程协助人们经由平衡情绪,了解自己而改善各种负面的心理困扰如悲伤,忧郁,恐惧,愤怒,等情绪与行为。从而恢复身心平衡而提升身心健康。长期使用花精可帮助您提升自我察觉能力(self-awareness)从而领悟自己的性格与惯性思维并掌握自我。巴哈花精的其中一个重要原则‘要治疗人,而不是疾病’,因为当负面情绪消失时,身体自然会有所回应。

巴哈医生总共发明了三十八种针对不同的情绪与行为单方花精. 基本服用方式是取用二滴需要的单方花精(不超过七种)加进三十毫升的日常服用花精瓶(mixing bottle), 再每日从日常服用花精瓶使用花精四次, 一次四滴, 可加入各种茶水飲料中.

花精也对动物大有帮助。动物也有情绪,它们在面对某种情况下也会感到不安,害怕,恐惧,吃醋等。天然温和的巴哈花精可以调和与平衡它们的情绪从而受益。打个比方,落叶松 (Larch) 可以让没自信心的动物,找回自信。 对于无法从屡犯同样错误而学习的动物,栗树花蕾(Chestnut Bud)可提升它们的观察能力,而马鞭草(Vervain)可以让活跃的动物放慢速度,而有休息的机会。

虽然动物无法直接用语言来表达它们的心情,我们还是可从它们当下的情绪, 来做个正确的判断。 试着站在动物的角度去看它们的行为而去了解它们行为背后的原因,这样就可以开始为它们选择适当的花精。在紧急时您也可以采用最广泛和普遍的急救花精(Rescue Remedy.) 急救花精是巴哈花精疗法系统里,唯一一支由巴哈医生亲自调制的综合花精.它可快速镇静、恢复平稳,缓和焦虑,紧张,慌乱的感觉.

Dr Bach in Chinese 新加坡第一位巴哈花精老师


Deki Soh is mentioned on Bach Center website with regards to her coming completion of her teacher course for Level 1 BFRs.

Congratulations! And I’m really looking forward to your completion. All the BEST. :)~ Metta Ong




From Bach Centre’s e-newsletter- Oct 2012

“Those who have not sufficient confidence in themselves to make their own decisions. They constantly seek advice from others, and are often misguided.” – Edward Bach – The Twelve Healers & Other Remedies, 1936

If you have ever asked someone, “What would you do if you were in my position?” or, “Do you think I’m doing the right thing?”, then you have been in a Cerato state.

Cerato is for […]